Here at All Clear Exterminating, we know that rodents are commonly found in Orange County cities. They seem to be very common in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, and Westminster. If you live in any of these areas chances are you’ve come across rodents from time to time. The good news is we can help you.

We are a team of professional exterminators and we can get rid of your rodent issue.

What Type of Rodents are Found in Orange County Cities?

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Rodents such as gophers, moles, mice, and rats among others are typically found in Orange County cities. They have the potential to cause problems, especially as they carry diseases. If your home, for example, is infested with rodents they can cause a lot of damage in a short space of time.

Mice and rats tend to be the most common rodents in the area, typically in the winter months as they like to shelter in buildings and homes. This is where we can come in and help you. We can come to your home and deal with your rodent issue. We can do this at a time that’s convenient for you and effectively deal with the rodents. This will ensure you’ll have peace of mind once more.

The Most Common Rodents in Orange County Cities  

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There are some species of rodents that are very common in Orange County cities, and these include mice and rats. The Roof rat, for example, is likely to be found in this part of California as they love swimming and making their way to your home. 

All rodents are potentially a health hazard, especially in areas where there is a lot of debris. This is because they love to hide in places where they are hard to spot. One of the best ways that you can deter rodents is by ensuring you have very little clutter in and around your home. You should also:

  • Pick up any fruit that has dropped in your yard – you may have to do this daily
  • Keep all of your food in sealed containers – this will keep the rodents away from your food
  • Inspect your yard and home regularly for signs of droppings 
  • Inspect your yard and home regularly for signs of gnaw marks

Another sign that you could have a rodent infestation is greasy marks on the wall. This is because these marks could be a result of a rodent’s fur coming into contact with your wall.

If you think you might have rodents living in or around your home please contact us. We are here to help. We have been working in the pest control industry for some time and we know exactly what to look out for. Call us today and we will visit your home to do an assessment. If we think you have a rodent issue we will ensure they are no longer an issue.

Have peace of mind once more and let us deal with your rodent issue. Call us today.