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About: All Clear Exterminating is a company offering termite inspections and exterminations throughout California. Some of their treatments include preventative treatment, compass treatment, and clear foam treatment.

Orange, CA – All Clear Exterminating, a company offering various services for termite control in Orange County, has launched a newly designed and upgraded website. The new, streamlined site layout has been re-conceptualized to make it easier for customers to navigate through treatments and services, access discounts, and contact the company.

The homepage of the new site has been restructured to improve accessibility and give clients the option to request a free inspection for termite control. With all their services centrally located on the homepage, the company has created better accessibility for users navigating their site. Additional information about the company, in-depth explanation of services, and contact information is presented in the navigation pane.

The new design also provides resources aimed at improving customer outreach and passing on discounts to their clients. To educate their customers, All Clear has information freely available to teach about the common rodents and other pests found in Southern California. Near the bottom of the homepage, they also feature discounts, including the current offer of a $200-off coupon for their all-inclusive Clear Shield treatment.

All Clear Exterminating has established themselves in Southern California with its wide range of pest extermination services, which include compass treatment and clear foam treatment. They apply preventative treatments to all exposed framing. The Clear Shield Termite Treatment offers maximum treatment, combining their services for the best protection. It also includes a two-year warranty. Before every service, a customer can request a free inspection.

Besides extermination and preventative services, All Clear Exterminating’s new website features their wood repair services and move out cleaning in North Dallas, TX. Dry rot eve and termite damage are common problems plaguing southern California homes. All Clear Exterminating employs carpenters with over 15 years of experience restoring patios and decks. Every wood repair comes backed with a one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The new user-friendly layout of All Clear’s website gives customers an easy, all-inclusive look at their termite extermination and prevention services. With new sections of the website, featured services, and simpler ways to contact the company, website visitors can get a clear view of All Clear Exterminating services and a straightforward path to ridding their homes of pests and termites.

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