Here at All Clear Exterminating, we know that rodents can potentially become an issue in your Orange County home. The good news is we can help you to eliminate those rodents, giving you peace of mind.

Below you will find details of 5 effective rodent exclusion methods that can be used. Please note, the methods used in your home will depend on the level of infestation, how the rodents are getting into your home and your home’s structure. 

You might choose to use some of the methods yourself so you can help to protect your home against rodents or hire a contractor to do the work for you.

1. Holes and Openings

Holes and Openings rodentsRats can gain entry to a home by making their way through openings that are more than half an inch across. Mice only need a quarter of an inch of space to squeeze through. As mice and rats have teeth that curve inward slightly, they are unable to chew flat, hard surfaces. If your home has a few holes or openings, seal them up using screen wire, copper gauze, or steel wool. For more permanent repairs use patching plaster or anchoring and push it into the hole before smoothing it over.

2. Foundations and floors 

Rodent ControlRodents can easily make their way into flaws or gaps along the exterior of a building. However, metal screed-type flashing, and finished, vented concrete work can help. Plaster, metal sheeting, or concrete can also help to prevent rodent infestation, however, they need to be correctly installed.

If your home has shallow foundation walls or piers, rodents can burrow into them. If you can, extend the length of your foundation walls so they are at least 91 centimeters (36 inches) below ground level. You might also want to consider adding a horizontal footing extension. This can help to deflect the rodents away from your home’s foundation.

3. Vents and Windows

If windows are accessible to rodents make sure you only use metal materials. Use woven or welded galvanized hardware cloth. If you need to, use crossbars that can help to support the cloth. Vents should be screened or guarded with an excluder device that can help to prevent the rodents from entering. Place hardware cloth behind a cold air return grill and cover power vents with hinged metal plates. Make sure the vents still provide enough air.

4. Interior floors

Install floors that have deep footings, alternatively, you could use mesh wire measuring a quarter of an inch. This will help to prevent rodents from making their way into your home.

5. Exterior Doors

Doors need to be fitted tightly and have metal thresholds added to them. Steel pipes that are embedded in the concrete floor can help to prevent a rodent infestation. They also allow doors to open and close freely.

All of the above methods can help to exclude rodents from your Orange County home. Please contact us today if you have any questions or queries about rodent exclusions and the services we offer.