Homeowners all over California know all too well that termites can potentially damage their home. Termite infestations can wreak havoc on a home’s foundation and cause a lot of issues. However, not everyone is aware that there are different types of termites. Knowing the difference between the 3 most common types can help you to understand how much of your home is at risk, and where the damage is likely to be located.

Let’s take a look at the 3 most common types of termites you can find in California:

1 – Pacific Dampwood Termites


The Pacific Dampwood termite is perhaps one of the biggest pests in the home. These insects have the ability to infest homes that are in humid or cool areas. With the ability to thrive in a range of environments, Pacific Dampwood termites like specific types of wood and can happily live in decaying and damp timber. 

What this means is you should get rid of any damp or decaying timber in and around your home. This will ensure termites are less likely to become a problem. 

If you think you have decaying or damp timber in your home or you’re concerned that you have, call the best termite control orange county has. We can help to limit the damage and ensure your home is further protected from Pacific Dampwood termites.

2 – Western Subterranean Termites


The Western Subterranean termite causes most of the damage in homes in California. This type of termite is often seen in and around homes and there can often be large numbers of them. Homes in Northern California are particularly at risk of infestations, which means homeowners need to be on the lookout. Significant damage can be done to timber as the Western Subterranean termites are known to be very destructive. 

More and more people are now moving to urban areas, with the help of lax airport car service and this is where we tend to see a lot of damage caused by termites. These pesky little critters have no trouble devouring Douglas fir timber, spring wood, and any type of timber they might come across. If you think your home has a Western Subterranean termite infestation you should call your local termite control company as soon as possible. 

3 – Western Drywood Termites


Known to cause severe damage to homes in Northern California, Western Drywood termites can survive in areas that have little to no moisture. Colonies can contain around 2,000 termites and they tend to live in a range of wood items. You could find this termite all around your home, even in picture frames. 

With the ability to live up to 4 years, Western Drywood termites can wreak a lot of havoc in people’s homes. If you think you have a termite infestation, you need to make sure you have it dealt with as soon as possible. Please contact us as soon as you can so we can help to protect your wood from termites.

If you think you have a termite infestation or you simply need a bit of advice, contact us today, we’ll be happy to help.