Rodent Control

If you have a rodent problem, we can help. Here at All Clear Exterminating, we are proud to be able to offer you an effective rodent control service. We can help you get rid of many different types of rodents so you no longer have a problem. 

Types of Rodents 

Rodents are warm-blooded mammals that can be found all over the globe. With large front teeth that help them to gnaw, and check teeth which help them to chew, rodents can cause a lot of damage. 

Rodents that we typically find in and around the home include:Rodent Control

  • Mice (or the House Mouse). Found on every continent apart from Antartica, the house mouse is the most common rodent found in homes across the country. With a long nose, short hair, and large ears, mice have hairless feet and a scaly tail.
  • Norway Rats. Rates can sneak into the smallest gaps. They have large teeth and are typically gray or brown. The eyes and tails are small and they have tails of various colors. 
  • Roof Rats. Roof rats can be black or brown with a lighter colored stomach. Roof rats will eat almost anything and everything and they will always return to the same spot where they found food. 
  • Moles. A mole can be brown, black, gray, or another color. They also tend to vary in size and they can cause a lot of damage to a garden or lawn. Moles chew on the roots of a plant and they can cause a lot of damage to vegetation and crops.
  • Voles. Also known as field mice or meadow mils, voles feed on plant roots and are active all through the year. They have a hairy tail, a short body, and they look very similar to mice. However, they have small ears and a round head. With the ability to give birth up to 10 times a year, voles can become an issue very quickly. 

What we do

Here at All Clear Exterminating, we are happy to deal with your current and your future infestations. Unlike some companies, we want to make sure that you no longer have a rodent problem. This is why we are happy to deal with the potential for future infestation. 

Why you Need to Deal With the Rodents Rodent Control

Rodents can carry disease. They can also leave traces of their saliva, fur, and waste behind. The smallest mouse has the ability to contaminate a lot of food. In fact, the Center for Disease Control states that some rodents can cause fatal diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This is a disease that can be fatal to 36% of people in the United States.

How we can Help you 

Here at All Clear Exterminating, we can help you to get rid of your rodent problem. We will do this by:

  • Investigating your home from top to bottom and inside and out. We will be on the lookout for any current rodent problems and potential rodent problems. 
  • Fortifying your home. We will do what we can to keep the rodents out. We will caulk, seal, plug, and secure any cracks and gaps we are concerned about. 
  • Keeping watch of your home. We will treat your home’s interior and we’ll install pest monitors. We will place these monitors in those important areas such as the bathroom, the kitchen, the garage, and the utility room. 
  • Reporting what we find. We will give you a full and thorough report of the work we have carried out and the steps we recommend you take. 
  • Following up. We will keep in contact with you so that we can respond to any issues you may have. We will also schedule visits with you so we can monitor the rodents in and around your home. 

We like to think we offer the best rodent control orange county has. This is because we go the extra mile for you. We want to make sure that you can say “Goodbye” to your rodent issue. We know how distressing it can be to have rodents in and around your home. This is why we will investigate your home from top to bottom, carrying out work that can keep your home or business premises rodent-free.

Our #1 goal is to educate all of our customers so they know how to protect their home from rodents and other pests. We know how important it is that your home is pest-free which is why we are here for you. Contact us today if you have a rodent problem and we’ll be happy to help.